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“VEGAN PICNIC ” - Scollinata Basket


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Scollinata is a practical eco-friendly basket ideal for your outdoor picnic. An innovative gift idea for a special evening with friends, a vegan dinner in the spirit of top quality Italian products: extra virgin italian olive oil, artisanal pasta, slowly dried and produced exclusively with selected wheat, and finally apricot jam and radicchio cream produced, as it was once made, by Quattro Stagioni laboratory. “Scollinata” is the ideal gift for people who love genuine tastes and the pleasure of being together.


The HAMPER is composed by:

  • 1 eco-friendly picnic basket Scollinata in resistant carton
  • A 75cl bottle of extra virgin olive oil - Oleificio Agape - Sassocorvaro (PU)
  • 500g of artisan pasta Strozzapreti - Pastificio Durante(PU)
  • 200g jar of apricot jam - Quattro Stagioni (RSM)
  • 180g jar of radicchio cream - Quattro Stagioni (RSM)


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Scollinata basket reminds outings in the countryside and picnic. It is realized in resistant carton, 100% recyclable and is produced in San Marino. The basket can be easily opened and closed thanks to its joints and it is manufactured without the use of any glues. It can be kept and re-used as a needlecraft basket, picnic basket or anything you can imagine.

Tasting and itineraries


Something more about this HAMPER:

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Oleificio Agape (Sassocorvaro) A fruity taste with hints and aftertaste of almond and artichoke. The color is bright green, with a balanced taste in the notes of bitter and spicy of medium intensity. Produced exclusively with organically grown olives. Ideal for legume or cereal soups, grilled vegetables, fresh salads and bruschetta.

  • Artisan dried Pasta Strozzapreti - Pastificio Durante (Urbania)
    The production of pasta is an art that requires processing that goes through complex phases. The wholemeal flours come from the farm's land cultivated without chemical fertilization, even the water is that of the nearby Catria and Nerone Mountains. The craftsmanship is accurate and slow, respecting a centuries-old tradition: the dough is made with the right degree of humidity, the bronze dies combined with the slow drying and natural cooling, as well as the precious packaging of impact make it an extremely valuable product.

  • Radicchio Cream - Quattro Stagioni (RSM)
    Terre di Romagna The radicchio di Romagna is a typically winter vegetable with an intense red colour and white streaks. This cream spreads all the taste of this product, with antioxidant properties and a delicate and slightly bitter flavour, it is ideal for crostini, for cheese sauces or to accompany second courses of meat and fish.

  • Apricot jam - Quattro Stagioni (RSM)
    Terre di San Marino. A jam of fresh seasonal fruit prepared as it was once made with healthy and natural ingredients and no preservatives or additives. Perfect for pies and afternoon snacks based on bread and jam.


Here is a sea of inland where you can dive into unexpected itineraries, wonderful villages and surprising landscapes

  • Oleificio Agape was conceived thanks to a mother's love for is family and childrens. Since generations the famliy is handing down olive oil passion and tradition. Agape is the name of the family's grandmother who in 1955 purchased the oil mill and strarted producing extra virgin olive oil. The name itself: Agape has a meaining, endless love, relied to this family history. The love for this products is mirrored in the high quality of the oil itself who has received many prizes in Italy and abroad.

    The oil mill is located in Sassocorvaro, a village dominated by a military fortress reknowned for its original structure and its incredible history, during the second world war more than 10,000 works of art were saved here.

  • Pastificio Durante born from the friendship between two young entrepreneurs sharing a passion for good food, local tradition and the link with their territory and of course the love for a food in detail: pasta! At the nbase of the profetto there is the will to produce a pasta that is the full expression of the tradition of a territory.

    The pasta factory is located in the Renaissance city of Urbania, the city in the medoievo was named Castel di Ripe, and then since 1284 was known as Casteldurante in honor of the papal legate Guglielmo Durante, who rebuilt the city after the its destruction by the Ghibellines. Hence the name and brand that distinguish this excellent product.

  • Quattro Stagioni was born in 2014 from the project of three young Sammarinese, who, driven by the desire to enhance their territory, traditions and agri-food products of excellent quality; that characterize it, they decided to try their hand at the production of Km0 preserves. The raw materials are carefully selected and come from local producers of excellence. The total traceability is distinguished by the product; of every single ingredient. The main lines of the workshop are Terre di San Marino, whose raw materials come exclusively from the territory of San Marino and Terre di Romagna, made with selected products from excellent farms in the Romagna region. Four Seasons, as suggested by the name, uses only seasonal products, with artisan procedures that recall those used in the homes of our grandmothers. Four Seasons fits perfectly with the culture of healthy eating, protection of the territory and its traditions.

  • The ingredients


    • 1 bottle of 75 cl of Olio Agape : Extra virgin olive oil of superior biological category obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means. Oil extracted in Italy from Italian olives: Monovarietal peranzana. Average nutritional values for 100 gr. : energy value 822 kcal / 3378 kj; fat 91.3 gr. (of which saturated fatty acids 13 gr., monounsaturated 71.3g, polyunsaturated 7.0); carbohydrates 0 gr. (of which sugars 0 gr.); proteins 0 gr .; fibers 0 gr .; salt 0 gr. Storage: keep in a dry place, protected from light and sources of heat.
    • Dried PASTA strozzapreti , 500g; Wholemeal durum wheat semolina and water. Average nutritional values per 100 g: 366 kcal / 1554 kJ, 1.45g fat of which saturated 0.69g, Carbohydrates 72.8g, fibers 3.8g, protein 13.65g Storage: Store in a cool and dry place, protected from light.
    • Radicchio cream , 180 g 79% radicchio, extra virgin olive oil, onion, apple vinegar, orange juice, cane sugar, salt. Average nutritional values for 100 g : energy value 689 kJ / 167 kcal; fat 15.9 g (of which saturated fatty acids 2.3 g); 3.6 g carbohydrates (of which 3.6 g sugars); fibers 2.4 g; 1.2 g protein; salt 1,2 g Storage: Store in a cool and dry place once opened, place in the refrigerator adding oil to cover.
    • Apricot Jam , 200 gr .: 93% pears, cane sugar. Average nutritional values for 100 g : energy value 907 kJ / 214 kcal; greases 0,1 g (of which saturated fatty acids 0,0 g); carbohydrates 52.1 g (of which sugars 52.1 g); 1,4 g fibers; proteins 0.4 g; salt 0,002 g Storage: store in a cool and dry place, once opened place in the refrigerator, consume within a few days.

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