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Tasty snack - Cubuono with Poets'quotes decoration


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Originality, taste and in an interior décor box which can be re-used in many ways. This made in Italy design hamper is the perfect gift for those who love fine food and delicacies and at the same time who love design and sustainability. CUBUONO is a box with a green soul, conceived for all those who love design and sustainable products. Inside the hamper you can find special italian dressing: saba aged for 6 years in barrels as per Modenese tradition, conferring to this dressing a special bitter-sweet flavour, extra virgin olive oil and the handmade crunchy spell crispbread


The HAMPER is composed by:

  • 1 Small Home decor item "Cubuono” in honeycomb carton - b17,7 x h17,7 x d17,7 cm, 1 cm thick
  • 1 50 ml bottle of Balsabamo6 bitter-sweet dressing - La Cà dal Non - Vignola (MO)
  • 1 100 ml bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Agape - Oleificio Agape - Sassocorvaro (PU)
  • 1 200 g pack of spell crispbread with sesame and rosemary - Il Piccolo Forno Marziali (Saludecio - RN)


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Each Foodsouvenirs creation is more than a simple box: it’s an eco-design product, realized with sustainable materials, conceived to have a second life in your house. Every single product is eco-friendly: the hamper is realized in extra resistant carton, each panel is fastened without the use of any glue.

 Cubuono è modular home decor item that can be used as CD holder, vase holder or as you like, just use your imagination to combine it with your house furniture. Collect all our home decor hampers to obtain creative and original modular system of home decor: a new book case, a bottle rack or anything you can imagine.

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Something more about this HAMPER:

  • Balsabamo6 bitter-sweet dressing aged 6 years - La Cà dal Non (Vignola - MO)
    Balsabamo It is the perfect condiment to perfume and enrich your dishes in a unique way.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Agape - Oleificio Agape (Sassocorvaro)
    A fruit-like flavour with an aftertaste of almond and artichokes. The colour is bright green with a balanced flavour in the bitter-spicy notes of medium intensity. It has been selected as one of the 250 best olive oils around the world in Olio Awards of der FeinSchmecker, selected by the famous food and wine Italian magazine Gambero Rosso 2017.

  • Spell handmade crispbread with sesame and rosemary - Il Piccolo Forno Marziali (Saludecio - RN)
    Fragrant crispbread made exclusively with spell flour. Ideal to combine with cheese and salami accompanied by a good glass of wine. Tasty to eat alone out of a meal.


In Romagna c’è un mare di entroterra in cui tuffarsi fatto di itinerari inaspettati, borghi meravigliosi e artigiani del gusto sorprendenti.

  • La Cà dal Non It is an acetaia located in Vignola. In Modenese dialect means "the grandfather's house", it produces traditional balsamic vinegar of Modena: it was the great-grandfather Alfonso who started the production of vinegar almost for fun in the attic of the family home and since then the barrels in the attic of the house have so much increased to completely fill the available spaces. For five generations, traditional balsamic vinegar has been produced here, respecting the family history and the Modena tradition. The family controls the entire production chain: the vineyards are located in Savignano sul Panaro. Over time the family has specialized in the production of cooked grape must in all its forms, turning it into incredible sweet and sour condiments. Not just traditional balsamic vinegar, but much more.

  • Oleificio Agape was conceived thanks to a mother's love for is family and childrens. Since generations the famliy is handing down olive oil passion and tradition. Agape is the name of the family's grandmother who in 1955 purchased the oil mill and strarted producing extra virgin olive oil. The name itself: Agape has a meaining, endless love, relied to this family history. The love for this products is mirrored in the high quality of the oil itself who has received many prizes in Italy and abroad.

    The oil mill is located in Sassocorvaro, a village dominated by a military fortress reknowned for its original structure and its incredible history, during the second world war more than 10,000 works of art were saved here.

  • Il Small Bakery Marziali born as a result of search for the taste and the rural art of sweets, those that the grandmothers once did during the holiday periods. Here's how Daniele Marziali recounts: & ldquo; My father taught me how to make and love bread, my grandfather taught me how to prune the vines, make wine and love the land, I reflected this knowledge in my creations & hellip; & rdquo;



  • Balsabamo6, 50 ml bottle: cooked grape juice aged for 6 years

  • Olio Extra Vergine di Oliva Agape, 100 ml: Monovarietal Peranzana extra virgin olive oil.
  • Spell crispbread with sesame and rosemary, 200g : 55% whole spell flour, water, extra virgin olive oil, brewer's yeast, 2% sesame seeds, salt, 1% rosemary. Original recipe of Daniele Marziali.

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